May 05

I Like That You’re A Mystery

I like that you’re a mystery. It’s almost more tangible than knowing you. As human beings, we respond to points of threshold. We respond to the feeling of wanting. It is our peak. We strive for possession but our utmost pleasure comes from that wanting. That desire.

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Apr 27

There’s Always A Moment

There’s always a moment. In work, life, in relationships mostly, where you get to this point and its kind of all laid out for you. You have two options: “I can keep pushing this” or, “I can walk away”.

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You Are A Story

You are a short story.

Something that initially sparks my attention. Sharp. Enticing. Almost effortless. I know if I wanted to I could get to your last page, fast. You belong to a collection of others, similar, and that’s a hard concept to grasp. But it’s not the collection I’m after. I want the kicks, the thrill, an easy page to turn. 

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Things I Know and Things I Have Learnt

1. There is a huge difference between talking about something and actually doing it. This is what separates people, what categorizes them. This is why there are people we are in awe of, or are jealous of. But remember, jealously is not a good look on anyone. Look up to these people, let them and your desire to be like them, be your fuel. 

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It All Starts With A Piece of Paper

They say some of the best creations start from nothing. An idea, a proposal, a question. From a scribble on a napkin or a piece of scrap paper. Maybe that’s why I carry a notebook around wherever I go

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